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Quick vs De Graafschap Predictions and Odds

De Graafschap will be a favorite to wrap up another round of the Dutch Cup against a team that plays its football in the Fourth Tier of the Dutch league system.

Over 2.5 Goals

De Graafschap has been one of the most prolific teams this season in Dutch Second Division when it comes to moving past the 2.5 goals line, and going up against a Fourth Tier division team like Quick will give them another chance to score goals.

Both Teams to Score – No

Quick played earlier rounds of the Dutch Cup against clubs that are at their level, or even below them, so it was easier to get opportunities to score goals. However, with the professional environment that the visiting team will provide buy premium soccer tips, those chances might not come as they would expect.

Predicted Lineups, Team News, and Preview for Quick vs De Graafschap


The full name of this team is H.V. &Amp; C.V. Quick or just Quick Den Haag. It's a team from the city that carries its name, and they play in the Sunday Derde Divisie. That is a Fourth Tier league in the Dutch football system. This is a small community club that also has its cricket team. It's one of the oldest clubs in the Netherlands founded in 1896, and in their first 20 years of existence, as there weren't many clubs back then, they won few national titles, alongside Cup competitions. Those times are long gone, and Quick today is an amateur team that thrives on building good entertainment with a healthy lifestyle for its members. Playing in the Dutch Cup competition gives them a chance to feel how it is to play against professional teams which allows them to improve and build on for future endeavors. For obvious reasons, the lower leagues didn't have a regular break of action for the World Cup, their season was stopped in the first part of December for a normal winter break before it continues later in January. Quick doesn't look good so far getting only a single win in their last seven matches. However, they showed much better form playing the Dutch Cup. They played their first qualifying match in September beating Groene Ster 3-1. A month later they passed through RKAV Volendam by a score of 4-2 which allowed them to move on and face De Graafschap. Both of those wins were away.

Predicted lineup: Zunderdorp, Linnenbank, Costella, Wijsman, Bilen, Fischer, de Kruijff, Haddadi, Bouyaouzan, George, van der Heiden.

De Graafschap

The Netherlands has two professional leagues, the Eredivisie as the best league in the country, and the Eerste Divisie as the second rank in the competition soccer tips pro. This is where De Graafschap plays its football. The good thing about that league, as far as the weaker or less ambitious clubs are concerned, is there is no relegation, as one would say ‘you can only go up'. But, De Graafschap is highly doubtful to go up as they are currently only 14th in the rankings and they need to be ranked inside the top eight to have a chance at the promotion playoffs. That position is only three points away, but there is too much inconsistency in the De Graafschap team to have a realistic possibility to achieve that goal. However, if nothing else, their matches are usually entertaining with a lot of goals scored. There were at least three goals scored in five of their last six games. Because they are a higher-ranked team, they only had to play one Cup match thus far, and they beat another lower league side Rijnsburgse Boys 3-1. De Graafschap has a big squad of 32 players, and they score plenty of goals, but the problem is that they concede even more.

Predicted lineup: Jurjus, Schouten, Fortes, Hillen, Buttner, Brittijn, Kaak, Neghli, Kaandorp, Onal, Benschop.

Starting lineups

Starting lineups are usually released 60 minutes before kick-off.

Player to Watch: Jeffry Fortes

He is a right-back that was born in Rotterdam but with connections to Cape Verde which is his citizenship. He played 26 times for his national team. Recently he scored a goal against Maastricht, and he is De Graafschap's best creator of chances with six assists. Even though most of the time he plays on the right side of the field, on occasion he can play the tips free soccer in the middle of the defense.

General Information about Quick vs De Graafschap

Quick vs De Graafschap Prediction, Odds & Betting Tips 10/01/2023

  • Where is the match venue? – Nieuw Hanenburg, Den Haag

  • Who will referee the match? – Laurens Gerrets

  • Have they met before? – No, this is their first encounter

Nguồn: https://nhacaiuytinnhathiennay1.blogspot.com/2023/01/quick-vs-de-graafschap-prediction-odds.html

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