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Perhaps for football fans, the card betting odds are no longer an unfamiliar term. However, many people don't understand or have misconceptions about card betting odds. This is considered a type of bet with simple and easy-to-understand rules, even for those newly introduced to it. So let's explore this term and how to calculate card betting odds together with Wintips!

What is a card betting odd?
A card betting odd is a type of bet established and based on the difference in the number of cards between two football teams. From there, you can determine the odds for a reasonable bet. This means that during the match, you don't need to focus on the number of goals scored. However, it's also essential to research and understand the nature of the game along with the rankings and form of both teams to place a sensible bet.
A significant advantage is that the tournament will be broadcast live, making it easier for everyone to watch online and conveniently study the number of cards given. For easier odds calculation, you can check suggestions from live betting tips , where bookmakers often convert points as follows:
Yellow card: equivalent to 1 point.
Red card: equivalent to 2 points.
The calculation is based on these two types of cards because they are the commonly used penalty cards in a football match. Therefore, the total points will be calculated based on the number of each type of card used.

Some forms of play in card betting:
There are various forms of card betting, such as:
Asian Card Betting
Similar to handicap and corner kick bets in Asian tournaments, card bets also garner a lot of attention. In the match, they're divided into the team with higher chances of winning (the upper team) and the team with lower chances (the lower team). Therefore, players can more easily track this on top football live score sites and traditional TV channels in Vietnam.
Rules of the game: Points will be based on the number of cards each team receives, then the total points are calculated.
Note: Card penalties count only within the 90 minutes of the match (excluding extra time).
Card Over/Under Betting
Card over/under betting is the most suitable type of football betting for newcomers who lack experience in placing bets. It ensures safety and accuracy.
Bookmakers provide specific and clear information about the card points for each team. Your task is straightforward: research and predict which team will receive more card points.
Then, depending on the card points, players can bet on the over or under team. According to statistics I've gathered, over 90% of participants in this type of bet achieve the highest betting results.
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Odd or Even Booking Bet
The odd or even bet is a type of bet that professional players always prioritize. This betting type only requires predicting whether the total booking points of both teams will be odd or even. From there, players can place their bets on one of the two teams according to the odds based on their prediction.
However, this type of bet carries a high risk. Therefore, before placing your bet, ensure that you have thoroughly researched to appropriately allocate your wager.
Simple Calculation Method for Booking Bets, in detail
To successfully place bets, players should utilize betting tips app download to understand the playing tips and the following calculation methods for booking bets:
Calculating the number of cards in a booking bet
As mentioned earlier, yellow or red cards are counted only during official playtime and within the field area. This means red cards for coaches or managers are not included...
If you don’t want to bet on the entire match, you can choose to bet on the first or second half based on various bookmakers.
Asian Handicap Booking Odds
Participants will predict the total number of booking points the referee will give to both teams during the official playtime on the field (excluding stoppage time).
There are two selection options:
Odd or even yellow and red cards in the first half or the entire match: This option is favored by many due to its simplicity and ease of execution.
First or last booking bet.
Some considerations when engaging in booking bets
Carefully analyze players: Some aggressive players are more prone to receiving booking points.
Check the historical record of previous cards received.
Determine the match's significance.
Categorize between major or minor leagues, domestic or international.
History of clashes between the two teams.
Head coach tactics and training style: offensive or defensive...
Learn about referee information: Some referees are particularly attentive or tend to make inaccurate calls. Pay attention to these details!
Answering questions for readers: what is asian handicap in soccer betting

Thus, this article has provided information on the 'simplest and most winning' method of calculating booking bets from experts. Hopefully, this Wintips article has provided you with useful information. If you have any further questions, please comment below for us to address!

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