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If you regularly participate in sports betting games, you must have heard of the term "parlay betting." However, if you are a new player, you might still feel unclear and not fully understand this type of wager.

To place bets effectively, you need to have a precise understanding of the rules and how to play. In the following article, win tips will introduce you to the rules of parlay betting and how to calculate parlay odds in soccer.

What is Parlay Betting in soccer?

Parlay betting (or accumulator betting) is adding multiple selections into a single bet slip. You will win a big payout if all predictions are correct. For European bookmakers, parlay betting is also known as Accumulator, Multiple Bet, or Mix Parlay.

It is a comprehensive form of betting that combines multiple different wagers into a single bet slip. The odds are calculated based on the multiplying factor of the number of wagers involved.

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Rules of Parlay Betting in soccer

As mentioned above, when playing parlay betting, you need to place bets on multiple matches or types of wagers together and at the same time. The rules are quite simple, and you can place bets on two matches or more. Next, enter the appropriate odds based on your requirements. The odds are published by the bookmakers so that players can compare and refer to them.

Once you have made your successful selections, all you need to do is enter the amount of money you intend to wager. At this point, the system will calculate the most detailed percentage of the potential winnings that the player will receive if they win. Additionally, you can enter the amount of money you want to receive if you win. The bookmaker will automatically calculate and display the amount of money that needs to be placed as a bet.

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How to Calculate Parlay Odds in soccer

Calculating the odds when all individual bets win is quite simple. Just multiply the individual odds of each selection in the parlay to get the parlay odds.


Parlay odds = Odds of selection 1 x Odds of selection 2 x Odds of selection 3 x ... X Odds of selection n

Calculating parlay odds when selections have half-win, half-loss, or draw outcomes can be slightly more complex. This situation is typical in Asian Handicap or Over/Under betting.

The winnings from a parlay bet are also calculated by multiplying the odds of the individual selections in the parlay. For example:

If there is a winning/draw selection: the odds for that selection are replaced with 1.

Half-win selection: replaced with [1 + (odds of that selection - 1)/2].

Half-loss selection: replaced with 1/2 of the odds for that selection.

Therefore, the general formula for calculating parlay odds is:

Parlay odds = Odds of winning selection x (1 + (Odds of half-win - 1)/2) x 1/2 (if half-loss) x 1 (if draw)

Tips for New Players in Parlay Betting

Master the rules and regulations of parlay betting

In reality, everyone needs to understand the principles of the game rules, not just in parlay betting but in any game. This is because each bookmaker has different perspectives and regulations regarding this type of sports betting.

Understanding the terminologies will help participants feel more comfortable and confident in their choices when engaging in sports betting. From there, players can focus on analyzing and studying the matches to increase their chances of winning.

Acquire more knowledge

This is truly a game of chance, but to win, players must continuously learn and enhance their knowledge. Learn more about betting and check the odds to create opportunities for yourself. It is best to

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