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Why do bookmakers always win at liste bookmaker ? This is a timeless question that both newcomers and experienced bettors have yet to find a definitive answer to. Honestly, this is a matter that needs to be considered from multiple perspectives and factors to arrive at a relatively accurate answer. So let's go through some objective reasons provided by Iwin to learn more about the answer.

Some reasons why bookmakers always win:

Are bookmakers scamming?

Do bookmakers deceive players to secure their wins? Many people may suspect that bookmakers always win because they employ deceptive tactics against players. However, this cannot happen with reputable bookmakers. Trustworthy bookmakers are legal betting establishments that operate under specific supervisory and regulatory bodies. Therefore, they cannot do whatever they want, regardless of their intentions.

Secondly, bookmakers do not create or manipulate the outcomes of games. They only use the winning or losing results of these games. They cannot produce or interfere with the outcomes.

Alongside reputable bookmakers, there are also many fake bookmakers in the market. These bookmakers will undoubtedly deceive players for their own gains. Therefore, I also advise players to carefully consider and choose a reputable bookmaker when participating in online betting.

Bookmakers employ wise betting methods


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Bookmakers always have intelligent betting methods. They serve as the recipients of players' wagers. They usually take money from the losers and distribute it to the winners. Since betting heavily relies on chance, no one can win 100% of the time, and bookmakers will still make money regardless. With a large number of players, no matter what happens, bookmakers will not incur losses.

Furthermore, bookmakers often employ the 20-21 betting method. It means that if you want to win 20,000, you have to place a bet of 21,000. Players may win a few times and still believe that they can earn a significant amount from betting. However, in the long run, players need a winning rate of at least 21/30 (equivalent to 54.38%) to break even. Bookmakers will still have at least a 1,000 "commission" from the total bets placed by players.

Exploiting players' greed

Many players, when facing losses, become frustrated and want to continue playing to recover their losses. Conversely, when they are winning, they become greedy and participate more in hopes of earning even more. Exploiting this behavior, bookmakers always have the advantage. They know that luck will not always favor the players. Additionally, the probability of bookmakers winning is always higher than the probability of players winning.

Other factors

There are other factors that contribute to bookmakers' consistent wins, such as the odds they offer, their knowledge and expertise in the industry, and their ability to analyze and predict outcomes more accurately than the average bettor.

In conclusion, while bookmakers may always have the upper hand, it is essential for players to practice responsible gambling, choose reputable bookmakers, and be aware of the risks involved in betting.

Smart and alert bookmakers seize opportunities. Therefore, don't let greed lead to losing both your capital and profits. Maintain a strong and stable mindset to prevent bookmakers from taking advantage.

Ways to beat the bookmakers

Just because bookmakers always win doesn't mean you don't have a chance to win. The winners are always intelligent and know how to apply effective playing methods. Here are some experiences I share with you to defeat any bookmakers.

Choose the most reputable bookmaker to play with

A reputable bookmaker will not engage in fraudulent behavior

As mentioned earlier, one reason why bookmakers always win is that some of them use deceptive tactics to cheat players. Therefore, choosing a reliable bookmaker is an extremely important step. Finding a reputable bookmaker will undoubtedly ensure that you play in a fair and safe environment.


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Accumulate as much experience as possible

For novice players, start with small bets to gain more experience. Experience is accumulated from losses, understanding the reasons for the losses to avoid them in the future. Experience can also be gained through research, fully understanding the rules of the game so that no one can exploit your weaknesses. Finally, learning from experienced players is also a wise thing to do.

Set a specific stop point

Bookmakers always win because they exploit players' greed. Therefore, you have methods to counteract that. Simply set a specific betting limit and never exceed that amount under any circumstances.

Also, set an upper limit, and once you reach that limit, stop and avoid being greedy. Of course, you should consider your own budget situation to set reasonable milestones. Avoid the situation of having little money but placing bets with high stakes, as it will backfire. If you can implement this well, you won't have to fear losing everything.


The above are some reasons why bookmakers always win. Hopefully, through this article, you can find answers to your own questions and gain more experience to defeat bookmakers in every bet.

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